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Let us help you update your wardrobe! We can bring your old favorites back to life or trim your new finds down to size. Repairing and redesigning is our nature - whatever the challenge, we are up for it.
We work on leather, specialty fabrics, such as sequined and lace, and highly-detailed pieces.
For best results, please bring the shoes and undergarments you intend to wear with your clothing.

At the Classice Boutique and Cleaners we are happy to help you create, transform or mend home furnishings.
Bring us your pillows, curtains, couch cushions or favorite fabric, and we will stitch them back together or from scratch.

Please visit us at your convenience or call to make an appointment.
Team members are also available to give on-site consultations at your office.
Thank you for trusting us with your wardrobe!